Jazz Wire – The Online Community for Jazz Musicians

This is the place where passionate, engaged adult musicians like yourself come together and have profound, meaningful experiences together. I know you want to quit spinning your wheels, and to see if you have what it takes to do this music. Welcome! It's time to set aside how you've done it in the past. I want to get you moving ahead with direction, as part of a team! Imagine being a part of an engaged community, working together on weekly assignments. You’ll have friends from around the country and around the world, trading ideas, comparing notes, offering meaningful input, and working together. All at your level.

Once you've created a Username and Password, then paid your application fee, it's time to send in your songs. Send us two recordings of you playing (it's not that big a deal!). The recordings don't have to be done today, you can come back later. See below to find instrument-specific instructions for recording and uploading your songs to us, including backing tracks and charts available to download.

Then, sit back and give yourself a round of applause for taking one of the biggest steps of your musical life! You will receive your Practice Plan & Playing Evaluation from Jeff Antoniuk. You are now a member of Jazz Wire, and will be welcomed into your Community on the site. The world of jazz awaits you!

This is the experience you had almost given up on trying to find for yourself. Congratulations for joining us all at Jazz Wire! I can't wait to work with you.

Jeff Antoniuk