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“Great workshop! So glad I attended!”

~Janette G

“Thanks Jeff! What a great seminar. My Dad and I loved it and we have great things to work on!”

~Thomas K


What if you could take the best of Jazz Wire, the best of the Digging Deeper Jazz videos, and put it all in one room, and in person? Well, that’s what we have for you! Jeff Antoniuk has been teaching for over 35 years, and in this workshop, he takes his experience and passion, and distills his message down for three powerful hours of playing, learning and sharing.

Open to ALL INSTRUMENTS, and focused on the serious adult jazz musician (from beginner to semi-pro), each workshop focuses on two overarching points (one “WHAT”, and one “HOW”). Jeff will present some new ideas and devices (WHAT should I play?) and will offer personal feedback to each attendee on how they are getting their musical ideas out (HOW am I playing?). There is plenty of time for performing with and for each other, and for working with Jeff on your specific concerns. Handouts are a part of the workshop, each including ideas of Digging Deeper Jazz videos to refer back to over and over again. 

  • Workshops are limited to 20 attendees, so that we can really dig in, play a lot, and get to know each other.
  • The two workshops each day cover entirely different topics. Many participants attend both (for reduced tuition!).
  • If you’d like to attend, get all the information, ask questions and be a part of everything, but you don’t want to actually play your instrument, attend as an SSO (Super Serious Observer). You’ll get everything out of the class – all the handouts, ask questions, etc. – you just won’t be playing with us. 
  • We always try to organize a jam session for attendees after every workshop. More playing is better!

So, if you’d like to get specific input on your playing, find a great path forward, and get some serious inspiration, come work with Jeff in person. 


Like the Digging Deeper Jazz videos, these workshops are applicable to all level of player. Please don’t be nervous if you haven’t played much jazz, or if you are new to soloing. That is why we are here!! Each workshop topic begins at the beginning, and expands to professional level applications.

JAZZ WIRE BONUS – We will get you signed up with a Jazz Wire subscription for NO REGISTRATION FEE, right on site! We’ll record you, get you uploaded and onto Jazz Wire, and get you into the Community before you leave! Your six month Practice Plan and Playing Evaluation will follow.