1) PICK ONE SONG of either “Billie’s Bounce” or “Bag’s Groove”
Billie’s Bounce (+/- mm = 164) OR Bag’s Groove (+/- mm = 120)
  • Play a total of 5 choruses
    • Play the melody for two choruses
    • Solo for three choruses
2) PICK ONE SONG of either “Blue Bossa” or “Triste”

Blue Bossa (+/- mm = 130)

  • Play a total of 4 choruses
    • Play the melody for two choruses
    • Solo for two choruses

OR Triste (+/- mm = 125)

  • Play a total of 2 choruses
    • Play the melody for one chorus
    • Solo for one chorus


  • The Music
    • It doesn’t matter which two songs you pick. It won’t affect your Practice Plan or Playing Evaluation.
    • Don’t stress too much! This is just a snapshot of your playing in one moment in time.
    • Lead sheets and MP4 play-along tracks for the music are available on the website for download, or you can use your own.
    • Tempos are “suggested” but not required.
  • Recording
    • Record and upload your two recordings as two separate files.
    • Make sure the files are no large than 5MB.
      • Need help making your files smaller? We recommend www.mp3smaller.com or www.videosmaller.com (both free and easy to use!).
    • Do a test recording first to see that the volume of the play-along track and the volume of your instrument is a good balance.
    • Don’t worry too much about the quality. Anything recorded on a smart phone or equivalent is good. (Keep it simple!) Whatever app is on there for audio recording will work just fine.
      • If you want to get a bit fancier, there are many fantastic digital audio recorders out there (I have a Zoom H4n). That said, your phone will be just fine!
    • Click here for a helpful video guide from Jeff.
    • Have fun with it, and we’ll all move ahead together from here.


Bag’s Groove